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OC (Orthodox Calendar) is the title of wall calendars and videos first published in 2012, featuring nude and semi-nude photographs of members of the Orthodox Church. The calendar is the brainchild of a group composed mostly of Orthodox eastern Europeans of the former communist region. The primary goal was to create the very first organized global effort against homophobia in the Orthodox Region. At the same time, the calendar takes an ironic approach to the Orthodox Church itself, which in recent years has been embroiled in artist repression, questionable behavior and homophobia.
Through their unconventional and bold images, OC’s creative Team seeks to counteract the negative and outdated influences of most of the Orthodox Church leadership. While recognizing that change might not come quickly to the official Orthodox Church position, OC nonetheless believes that at least it can encourage people (believers or not) to reflect and realize that there is an urgent need for an update in values as part of the modern society.

“With bold colors, homoerotic undertones and gentle ironic humor, our artwork is inspired in part by the classics of David LaChapelle and Pierre & Gilles.“ DailyMail.co.uk

Photo sessions and casting took place in the predominantly Orthodox area of Eastern Europe. Casting calls have been open to the public via online announcement on the promoter’s website.


Launched in September 2012, the first edition of Orthodox Calendar was met with success and positive reception all over the world, and in particular after it was covered by the western press. Our buyers tend to include gay communities, as well as women, liberal believers and those interested in avant-garde photography as art or social commentary.

“This May Be The Sexiest Religious Calendar Ever!”. Huffingtonpost.ca

“9 Necessary Shirtless GIFs From A Teaser Trailer For The 2014 Orthodox Calendar”. Cosmopolitan.com

“Eye Candy”. Themancrush.com

“The creators of the calendar obviously have no problem with gay rights, and even wrote a very positive message on their site: “LOVE IS LOVE – ORTHODOX OR NOT!” (We couldn’t agree more!)”.  Huffingtonpost.ca

“The calendars, which were first published in 2012, are a way to counteract prejudice against the LGBT community.” Huffingtonpost.ca

“Racy Orthodox Calendar pushes gay rights ahead of Russian Olympics” . Washingtonpost.com

“According to the Huffington Post, “All of the calendar’s subjects are gay-friendly members ‘of the Orthodox Church’ who have chosen to strip down for the sexy shoot ‘because they believe … in freedom of speech, tolerance, equality and human rights.” Phillymag.com

“If every confession would only look this sexy. I never imagined that there would be a time when I would write sexy naked priests in one sentence.” Businessm2m.com

“Romanian Priests Get Sexy For Steamy Spread” . Thegailygrind.com

“Get on your knees and praise the arrival of” “packed with more abs and priest robes than you can imagine.” Thegailygrind.com

“The New Orthodox Calendar is coming to a wall near you! It’s really steamy and if priests were this hot, we would all go to church far more often.” Newdominionmagazine.com

OC is officially referenced by professional retailers in France, Germany, Netherland, Spain, Taiwan, UK.

Since last September OC2014 became symbol for the marriage equality movement in Taiwan!

It has been sold worldwide and delivered to over 200 countries.


The team is composed of 6 young creative talents of primarily Orthodox faith.


OC is available for sale worldwide on Orthodox-Calendar.com, as well as other international online retailers such as Amazon. Prowler UK is their official retailer for England, while Berkana Library is the official retailer for Spain, Vrolijk for Netherland, Lucifer Shop for Taiwan and FNAC for France.

Responding to demands of customers, additional OC-related merchandising is available for sale: candles, condoms and limited edition prints of each of their artistic images (available in 4 sizes and printed by a professional laboratory). A “making-of” DVD was released for the first time December 2013. Additional products are expected to be made available.


The team met in Bucharest during a shooting in summer 2010, from that meeting a friendship was born and an exchange of viewpoints and ideas that led to a creative collaboration that is the Orthodox Calendar, the very first project of the OC ART Project.

They created stories featuring some of their members striking a pose and openly standing for whom they are, not the religious garments or out of date views of the Orthodox Church: regular people with passions, preferences, interests and desires.

The first series (OC 2013) called “FOR FREEDOM OF SPEECH, UNITY AND TOLERANCE” tells the individual story of 12 intensely masculine young men and their guests representing different parts of Eastern Europe. All are open-minded and believe in the importance to be perceived as individuals that reject contempt and violence, committed to diversity and acceptance against homophobia. Disrespect for gay human beings weakens thousands of children and adolescents, promotes risk-taking, and increases vulnerability to HIV and leads them into silence, shame and secrecy.

The second series (OC 2014) called “LOVE IS LOVE – ORTHODOX OR NOT!” pays tribute to gay marriage. It’s the story of young gay couples from Eastern Europe sharing a common dream of one day being able to wed their beloved at the altar of their local Orthodox chapel.

The third series (OC 2015) called “SALIGIA” pays tribute to social tolerance. The story takes place on the right bank of the Moskva River south of Moscow where some priests believe that same-sex unions are not a sign of the coming apocalypse and that sinning just feels divine. We could not agree more!