Wall Calendar 2013 picture preview

Discover here our 12 seductive artistic pictures of orthodox priests and their guests!


Silas: Father Silas descends from a long line of priests. His family is respected and has access to the patriarchal palace. Besides being known for his famous tattoo, he is also rumored to be an amazing player in the locker room.

Orthodox calendar teaser 2013 Silas

January: Vladimir and Yulia are from Ukraine, where they are happy parents of 3 beautiful teenagers. Vitalis plays football and wants to be a doctor like his mother. Timothy dreams of reaching Hollywood and becoming an actor. Paris hopes to embrace the robe and become a priest like his dad.

1 January - Orthodox Calendar 2013

February: Father Zachariah is well-known in the community for his always open arms and an attentive ear to God’s creatures.

2 February - Orthodox Calendar 2013

March: Father Stefan left his village very young to travel to Kourou, Mayotte and Djibouti. Finally, he has returned. Today he is running his church like his body is his temple.

3 March - Orthodox Calendar 2013

April: Father Daniel has a simple plan to collect enough funds from his church to help needy children in his village. But the size of some men’s projects have made his jaw drop.

4 April - Orthodox Calendar 2013

May: Brotherly love has never been stronger. Jacob and Esau have been together their entire lives and always take care of one another.

5 May - Orthodox Calendar 2013

June: Father Igor is dedicated to Jesus his savior. Before discovering his devotion to the Orthodox religion, he was a lost soul — addicted to fashion, luxury and Dolce & Gabanna.

6 June - Orthodox Calendar 2013

July: Father Sava is the eldest child of a well-known Eastern European filmmaker. He is the most well-traveled person you will find on earth and chose to dedicate his life to God.

7 July - Orthodox Calendar 2013

August: Father Virgil lives in a small village in Eastern Europe. His parish is probably the smallest ever. Everyone knows one another and nobody has a bad word to say about him. He is so well regarded that nobody minds helping him with his daily chores.

8 August - Orthodox Calendar 2013

September: Father Euphrosynos could spend day after day in the patriarchal libraries studying his favorite subject: prayer and supplication.

9 September - Orthodox Calendar 2013

October: The house of father Yuri in St Petresbourg is dominated by his countless collectables. You will find anything and nothing from the ordinary to unexpected objects.

10 October - Orthodox Calendar 2013

November: Besides God, Father Lazarus has a small passion: painting! He will paint anything he considers beautiful, even if it.

11 November - Orthodox Calendar 2013

December: Father Nicolaï is talented … his artistic ability and prolific imagination have always served him and his church well.

12 December - Orthodox Calendar 2013

Special Limited Edition Picture: “For freedom of speech, unity and tolerance”. The three members of the Russian punk band Pussy Riot that have been arrested earlier this year after an anti Kremlin music video manifesto in the altar of the Moscow Cathedral appeared in front of the judges today. But their appeal has been postponed until the 10th of October.

In support for their freedom, we did this shot. It was a priest that actually contacted us and proposed it. We gladly accepted and we are happy priests start to understand what we are about: freedom of speech, unity and tolerance.

Pussy Riot Orthodox Calendar


  • How wonderful! This helps make up for some of the personal damage done to me from the misguided hateful anti-gay Christians. Thank you!

  • Excelente calendario me encanto la foto del mes de mayo creo que demuestra en forma sencilla lo que el AMOR es capaz de hacer exitos en sus ventas quisiera un calendario

  • estas muy buenos me los llevaba todos a mi cuarto a cumplir penitencia jejejeje…y eso que soy ateo

  • Ups que excelente calendario nunca me imagine ver algo asi
    mi FANTASIA hecha realidad FELICIDADES


  • Dear Brothers, I’m orthodox priest, and I love this calendar!!!
    Hermanos, yo soy sacerdote ortodoxo y este calendario me encantó.

  • I am Orthodox and love it… also gay men…

    I really don’t think the church needs change, but they need be more mercifull and understand that are many gays inside church who wants to help and pray.

    nice calendar!

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